Ethel Kennedy insists she did not fix up Taylor Swift

Aug 7, 2012 at 9:52 p.m. ET

Taylor Swift has long been a fan of the Kennedy's, and they feel the same. But her new beau's grandmother insists she did not play the matchmaker.

Taylor SwiftWith the new romance between Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, many wonder if the singer will one day be a part of one of America’s most famous and iconic families.

But Conor’s grandmother said even though she is a big fan of Swift’s, the romance wasn’t her doing.

“Ethel Kennedy says she didn't play matchmaker between a grandson and Taylor Swift but the Kennedys would be ‘lucky’ to have the pop star in the family,” said the Associated Press.

The 84-year-old widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy had become friendly with Swift in recent months. Swift even attended the premiere of Ethel Kennedy’s new documentary and has been spending time with the family.

“She was asked… about reports that she set up the 22-year-old pop star with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy,” said the AP. “Ethel Kennedy told the Television Critics Association, ‘Certainly not.’ But the 84-year-old added, ‘We should be so lucky.’"

Rory Kennedy, Ethel’s daughter, did say that the Kennedy family has a good relationship with Swift but would not go as far as to say that Conor and the pop star were dating.

Swift has been very vocal about her admiration for the family.

"The only time in my life I have ever been starstruck was meeting Caroline and Ethel Kennedy," she said, according to the NY Daily News. "I got to spend the afternoon with Ethel a couple of weeks ago. She is one of my favorites, because you look back at the pictures of her and Bobby and they always look like they are having the most fun out of everybody.”

The relationship came as somewhat of a surprise, since just a month ago, there were rumors Swift was dating a different Kennedy: Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick.

Over the 4th of July weekend, TMZ spotted the pair taking a “private stroll along the beach.”

With the news of Swift dating Conor Kennedy, people seem to have forgotten about her weekend of cozying up to Schwarzenegger.

The film, Ethel, was directed and produced by Rory Kennedy and debuts Oct. 18 on HBO.

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