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Amanda Bynes accused of yet another hit-and-run

If the victim’s story checks out, the accident would be the third time the actress has crashed her car and left the scene since the beginning of May.

If you thought two car crashes in one monthAmanda Bynes was bad, Amanda Bynes just upped the ante.

Bynes is being accused of hitting a woman’s car and leaving the scene on Saturday night.

“A Los Angeles woman filed a police report yesterday afternoon claiming Amanda Bynes rear-ended her and then, after a brief conversation, drove off without exchanging insurance information,” said TMZ.

The woman also said she recognized Bynes, but not right away.

“She didn’t recognize the woman at first — because she ‘looked like a hot mess,’” said TMZ. “But once they began talking, she realized it was Amanda Bynes.”

The woman said that Bynes looked nervous and told her they didn’t need to exchange information and then drove off without exchanging that information. The woman also said that Bynes’s car had “significant damage to it,” said TMZ.

Bynes has been involved with two other hit-and-runs — one on May 5 and one on May 27. After the May 27 incident, Bynes sent out a tweet to President Obama asking him for her help.

“Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink,” she tweeted. “Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

This time, the actress may have learned her lesson. According to E! News, today Bynes “stripped down” her Twitter account, deleting all previous messages, “leaving only her name, avatar picture and a link to her WhoSay page on her verified @AmandaBynes page.”

Whether or not the two incidents have anything to do with each other, it does seem like slightly strange timing that they would happen within a few days of each other. The LAPD confirmed to E! that there was an investigation into the incident, but would not say if Bynes was definitely involved.

The actress has also not spoken out, to the President or anyone else, to confirm or deny the woman’s story.

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