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Olympic commercials: As emotionally charged as the games

Where Super Bowl commercials hit a more comedic note by speaking to our inner beer-drinking, chip-eating slacker, Olympic commercials tend to strike a more emotional chord that inspires and motivates. Here are a few Olympic commercials that almost make us want to get off our reclining butts and do something productive.

Olympics London 2012Best Job: P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film

Hey, Proctor and Gamble, good-on-ya for calling your ad a “film.” We like it. But that’s not the only reason we like this “film.” Olympic athletes can seem larger than life — what with all the drive, ambition, dedication and a basic willingness to do what the rest of us are not. This commercial reminds us that Olympic athletes are real people with real moms, who have dedicated much to the success of their athletes. While this feature may tick off more than a few dads who have sacrificed for their little athletes, it still gets our vote for best tear-jerker. Sniff. Pass the tissues, please.

Move to the beat of London 2012 commercial

Leave it to Coca-Cola to team up with Mark Ronson, Katy B and five Olympic athletes to put a little rock and roll into the Summer Games. Using the sound effects from some of the sports gives this effort a bit of a “Blue Man Group” feel. Listen up, and don’t be surprised if you realize you are tapping your toe and wishing you were at the games to cheer on the athletes in person.

Animal Practice: Rizzo Rings

At first, this commercial feels like weak marketing. After all, the monkey thing has been done and why marketing firms persist in thinking that a monkey is going to endear people to their products is baffling. Remember the Taco John monkey? Really. Do you want to be thinking about a taco and a monkey in the same breath? No. But we digress. This commercial, featuring what feels like the token monkey, is actually an ad for a television show about animals. So we’ll let them off the hook — or the rings — in this case.

Visa Olympics London 2012

This commercial starts out, “Athletes will become legends, moments will become history, perfection will become reality — who’s gonna pay for all that sh**?” Okay, so we embellished the last part. Visa also got Morgan Freeman to narrate this commercial… well played, Visa, well played.

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