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Can Michael Phelps’ new love keep her head above water?

Although countless ladies would love to land the most decorated Olympic athlete in history, word has it one in particular has struck romantic gold with Michael Phelps. But does rumored amor Megan Rossee encompass the attributes to go the distance?

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Michael Phelp’s fans just learned that the favored Olympian has a girlfriend, but apparently they’ve been getting hot and heavy for five months now.

A supercompetitive nature or none at all

Placed in any situation remotely resembling a competition, a competitive person’s inner athlete will never fail to emerge (even for a situation as trivial as a supermarket shopper trying to outmaneuver you to get to that open aisle). Does Megan, who models for a living, share Michael’s drive to thrive? Let’s hope so, lest troubled waters start brewing. If a supercompetitive person dates someone just as competitive, well, that creates excitement — just think of adrenaline as an aphrodisiac. If the other person lacks any competitive interest at all, that can work too — they can simply support their hard-core honey from the sidelines. But dating someone whose competitive nature is lukewarm spells disaster… his or her lack of commitment to either wanting to win or not wanting to compete at all will be endlessly irritating to the super competitive half of the couple.

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An incredibly long set of legs

We’re not saying short women can’t shack up with tall men. We’re just saying, for the sake of any lady sharing sidewalk space with Michael Phelps, it would help to be a bit leggy — if, for no other reason, to keep pace with the 6’4″ swimmer’s enormous stride. One step for the towering athlete is the equivalent of about six to a person of average height, so a petite gal pal may find it necessary to actually jog beside her giant boy toy. In this respect, it looks as though the odds are in Megan’s favor. The nearly 6’0″ beauty shouldn’t have any issue strutting her stuff alongside Michael. Extra points go to the girl if she has the guts to rock a pair of heels high enough to put her eye-level with MP.

Appreciation for precious metals… er, medals

What woman doesn’t adore precious metals, right? If we had to wager a guess, we’d say it would be the woman who has to spend spare time fielding questions about her bf’s precious medals, as opposed to hearing him pop the question with a ring made from precious metals — the same woman who would, quite possibly, always play second fiddle to a circle of gold dangling at the end of a ribbon (or, in this case, 18 circles of gold). After all, Michael treasures his medals so much that he even hit the club scene after his last race while still wearing the blingy baubles. It’s going to take a seriously non-superficial lass to be content with her man sporting more sparkle than she is in photo ops.

Love for the water

Michael may no longer be planning to swim competitively, but the boy would literally be a fish out of water without a hit of H2O from time to time. Happily, instead of shaving his entire body and swimming alongside other hairless man-petitors, he can now focus on more leisurely aquatic engagements. Perhaps he and Megan can soak up the sun with a cliché frolic in the surf at sunset. Or, if Michael misses the comfort of chlorinated water that doesn’t circulate, the couple could pop into a posh resort pool for a quick dip (of the skinny variety, no doubt, since any dip would qualify as such for Mikey’s Size 2 squeeze). Since Mego is no stranger to showing off skimpy swimwear for modeling gigs, she’s already got a long leg up on the competition.

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