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Macaulay Culkin surfaces at Natalie Portman’s wedding

Child star Macaulay Culkin apparently managed to scrape himself up off the floor and out of his drug-induced stupor to attend longtime friend Natalie Portman’s wedding this past weekend, or so that’s the story the National Enquirer would write.

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Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied tied the knot Saturday night in a very casual wedding with 60 friends and family. It was so casual, a source says Natalie may not have even worn a wedding dress!

After the National Enquirer reported Macaulay Culkin was on the road to an early grave, courtesy of a hard-core heroin addiction, the actor was spotted at good friend Natalie Portman’s wedding on Saturday.

Guess who wasn’t there? Culkin’s ex (and Portman’s Black Swan co-star) Mila Kunis.

Us Weekly is reporting Culkin and Portman have been “friends for years,” so it should come as no surprise that he was among the 100 guests at the hush-hush affair, held at a private home on California’s beautiful Big Sur.

While this may lead some to speculate that, as Culkin contends, he can’t possibly be at the bottom of a heroin addiction, tongues are still wagging — fueled by the fact that Portman’s good friend, Kunis, wasn’t in attendance.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry is airing the following dirty laundry: Kunis may have ditched the intimate affair because she was so disgusted by her ex’s addiction.

The site also referenced numerous reports that Mac’s alleged addiction has worsened since Kunis started dating Ashton Kutcher.

If all of this is true, that would no doubt have been an awkward run-in for all parties involved during what is supposed to be a joyful event.

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