Sharon Osbourne: The real reason I quit America's Got Talent

Aug 6, 2012 at 11:28 a.m. ET

Two weeks ago, Sharon Osbourne dumped America's Got Talent via Twitter, after fellow judge Howard Stern "outed" her plans. Now, she's revealing the real reason she quit the hit NBC show. Hint: It has everything to do with her son's M.S. diagnosis.

Sharon quits AGT

At first, we thought Sharon Osbourne's departure from America's Got Talent via Twitter was not cool.

But, if the allegations surfacing in Monday's New York Post are true, we can't blame her for such an impersonal departure.

The veteran judge, who has been on the talent show for six of its seven seasons, tells the Post she's dumping AGT over the network's "discrimination" against her son, Jack, who announced he had multiple sclerosis in June.

As Jack revealed back within days of his going public with the diagnosis, he was allegedly fired from a gig after news of his M.S. broke.

Now, Sharon is revealing that "gig" was the new NBC show, Stars Earn Stripes, which pits celebs against each other in military-style competitions.

"I just can’t be fake," Osbourne told the Post. "It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled."

Producers of the show contend Jack wasn't hired in the first place, and that he was simply "somebody we were in talks with."

Emails Sharon shared with the publication indicate otherwise.

"Regretfully, we cannot move forward with Jack’s participation," read the note from the network, dated two days before the new dad was to return back to work.

Strangely enough, while the producers contend Jack was never actually "on" the show, the Post also included a comment from producer David Hurwitz, which reads: "The rigors of the show were too intense for him."

Jack, who has lost a significant amount of weight through the years before his diagnosis, completed a 30-mile distance run back in January, according to the Post.

"He didn’t want the money," Osbourne continued. "He wanted his gig. It gave him something to look forward to when he was diagnosed.

“Think of the good that it could have done to show other people who have this (condition) that your life is not over.”

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