Roseanne’s TV kids share memories of “mom”

SheKnows catches up with two members of Roseanne’s TV family on the red carpet of Comedy Central’s Roast of Roseanne. Turns out the She-Devil co-star can get downright hellish with a pair of scissors.

Roseanne at Roast

While The Talk’s Sara Gilbert was a no-show at Roseanne’s roast, Becky #1 (Alicia Goranson), Becky #2 (Sarah Chalke) and DJ (Michael Fishman) all showed up to support their TV mom.

Alicia Goranson of Roseanne

Now in her 30s, Alicia Goranson flew into “Lala land” from to New York City on Saturday to attend the roast. The actress sheepishly admitted to missing a stage performance of the new Neil LaBute play The Furies, in which she stars. “But I had to be here for this!” We agree.

When asked why she’s so excited, Alicia said, “This roast tonight will save me thousands of dollars therapy bills. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this!”

Therapy? Alicia explained an incident that happened on set. The then-teenager wanted to get her hair cut and the producers didn’t want her to.

“Roseanne cut my ponytail off at the base. I turned around and saw my ponytail in one hand, scissors in the other. For a teenager, let’s just say that’s a pretty jarring thing, as much as you want to cut your hair.” Alicia joked that it was added into her contracts that she couldn’t be in the same room with Roseanne and sharp objects.

Michael Fisher from Roseanne

Michael Fishman, who played the youngest Conner, DJ, has some pretty extreme memories as well. The 31-year-old claims he’s never lived down the “masturbation” episode, saying, “It’s really embarrassing because 20 years later people walk up to you and say ‘you’re that guy’ and then make masturbation hand gestures.” Embarrassing, indeed!

Fishman does recall the early days of the show with fondness, however. He will always remember how Roseanne took him in and made him feel comfortable. When the show ended, Fishman says he was “devastated because I just loved everyone so much.” He says he and the Macadamia nut farmer keep in touch regularly and he’s never gone for more than a few months without seeing to her.

These days Fishman is writing screenplays but still enjoys acting, saying he’s currently auditioning and looking for the right project. SheKnows wishes all of Roseanne’s TV family the best of luck.

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