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Intel’s Me the Musical puts your life in the spotlight

Intel has done it again: The creative minds behind one of the biggest computer companies in the world has created Me the Musical, a look at your life via your Facebook profile.

We’ll admit it: We’re sometimes envious of celebrities that get the big bucks to star in interesting and thought-provoking films. “Why can’t we star in a movie and make big cash?” we cry as we open our third Snickers bar of the day. “It’s so not fair!”

Well, our ships have finally come in: Intel is now offering us — and you! — the opportunity to star in our own musicals (without the big payday, sorry). The innovative computer company has an animated journey of your life from birth to present day.

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“This movie takes the notion of special effects to an entirely new social level by putting the Facebook user in the spotlight — showing them their own customized, animated journey through time,” Intel told SheKnows. “The plot created is based on key world events (based on the user’s birthday), but draws from and incorporates personal highlights from the users own individual Facebook profile as well. The result is an entertaining journey, via song and dance, that gives Facebook fans a fun glimpse at their own history.”

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That’s right: Your useless Facebook posts are finally good for something. It even incorporates messages your friends put on your wall on your birthday.

Want to try it yourself? Visit the official Intel website and log on to your Facebook page. It only takes a few minutes — and the result is totally adorable.

Image courtesy Intel/Wikimedia Commons

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