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Want to feel poor? Check out these rock stars’ paychecks

You’re probably not surprised that musicians like Bono, Jay-Z and Madonna are mega-rich. You might be surprised to learn, though, that these superstars aren’t getting the cash money because of music. Check out how the world’s richest rock stars are making their cash — and then cry.

Top 10 richest rock stars 2012

Pretty impressive, right? Check out how the top earners are getting their cash.


Bono became the world’s richest rock star earlier this summer during the Facebook IPO. The Irish-born singer’s net worth swelled to $1 billion — a nice (really nice) return on his $90 million investment in 2009.

Think he’s retiring? Think again: He’s getting back with his U2 bandmates to make new music, according to MTV.

“The band are back in the studio getting a feel for new material after the last album No Line On The Horizon,” a source told the music network in May. “ had a credit on that and they are looking to explore that direction further. They have been working with Danger Mouse and RedOne. They are excited about getting to work with Carl Falk.”

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is worth an estimated $800 million, largely thanks to his work with The Beatles and Wings. McCartney’s a prolific songwriter too — he scribed some of the most popular pop music songs ever, like “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude.” He also has a stake in Apple.

He’s so rich that he asked for an outlandish salary for his performance at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony: One British Pound ($1.57).

Elton John

McCartney’s fellow Brit musician, Elton John, is worth a staggering $309 million, thanks to his nearly five-decade music and songwriting career. He and songwriting partner Bernie Taupin made millions from their work, including a $39 million, twelve-year contract signed with Warner Bros. Records in 1992.

These days? John is enjoying the fruits of his labor with husband David Furnish. The couple are parents to one son and are reportedly working with the same surrogate to have another child.

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