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What you’ve been missing on YouTube: Week of Aug. 3, 2012

For this week’s recap we were sent “Droidfriend,” which inspired a tribute to our best-loved YouTube parody clips. So much parody, so little time. Here’s just a sampling of our favorites to give your Friday a little levity.

Warning: Some of these videos contain adult language and themes.


Oh, wow. Someone’s got a lot of time on his or her hands. This video proves one thing — Justin Timberlake looks hot even as a Droid. This video must have set these pranksters back a bit, because it’s glaringly apparent they didn’t budget much for the role of Princess Leia. To all you Trekkies and techies, this one’s for you…

Like Jesus

Probably the funniest thing about this parody of “Like a G6” is that it makes way more sense than the song it’s making fun of. We still can’t get a straight answer on what “Like a G6” means. But turning water into wine? That we understand. Give this cheeky monkey a listen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Can we get a f*** yeah? This parody classic pokes fun at that guy we’ve all met — the douche who thinks he’s a total pimp because he’s got some sort of tablet that a 8-month-old baby could learn how to do cool stuff with. Whenever you’re in a crappy mood, crank this sucker up. It’s guaranteed to turn your day around.

WTF Blanket

This video, viewed by 20 million (were you one of them?), may seem trite and obvious to some. But somebody was bound to say this s***, video it up, and put it on YouTube. They make some pretty valid points about a large swath of fabric that epitomizes laziness. Twenty million viewers can’t be wrong.

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