ABC has problems with Jimmy Fallon hosting the Oscars

Jimmy Fallon is said to be in talks for the hosting gig for this year’s show. But ABC is not very happy with having an NBC host on their network.

Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon may be in talks to be the host for February’s Academy Awards, but not everyone is happy about it.

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels is said to be producing the show, and sources told the Los Angeles Times that SNL-alum Fallon is in talks to be the host.

But the show will be aired on ABC, and sources are saying the network may not be happy promoting the host of an NBC show.

“ABC has raised objections to having the late-night star from rival NBC play emcee on its Oscar broadcast, these people said, but the network has no authority to veto the choice of host,” said the LA Times.

The Motion Picture Academy denied that they were in talks with Fallon and Michaels. The sources said that even though talks are taking place, it doesn’t mean they will all come to an agreement.

“ABC is owned by Disney, and Disney chief executive Bob Iger is said to be unhappy with the idea of showcasing Fallon, whose show competes with ABC’s late-night show featuring Jimmy Kimmel,” said the LA Times. “Fallon and Kimmel are in a neck-and-neck competition for viewers.”

The job to find a producer is usually up to Academy president, and that producer usually selects the host. Tom Sherak’s term as president ended on Tuesday.

“Sherak would not say whom he was talking to, but said he wasn’t able to complete a deal before his term was up,” said the LA Times.

“I couldn’t meet that deadline, so I stopped all negotiations,” he told the paper.

Fallon has proven his award-hosting skills, he hosted the Emmy Awards in 2010. The new Motion Picture Academy president, Hawk Koch, has said that his first order of business will be to find a producer for the show, which could make Michaels a shoe-in.

“Koch and Michaels worked on the 1992 movie Wayne’s World, which originated with an SNL sketch, and the follow-up Wayne’s World 2,” said the LA Times. “Michaels produced the films; Koch served as executive producer.” 

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