5 Book picks for a back-to-school mood

The end of August means one thing to most of us: back to school season is approaching! Whether you’re still a student, seeing your little ones off to school, or just nostalgic for the fall days of your childhood, we have five book picks that will make you feel like you’re back in the classroom.

Prep cover

Curtis Sittenfeld

Coming-of-age stories are always popular ones, and Prep is no exception. Lee Fiora is a 14-year-old new attendee of a prep school in Massachusetts. From South Bend, Indiana, Lee is an outsider to this world of privilege and high-class living. She watches her classmates carefully, partly disgusted and partly fascinated by them, knowing that, as a scholarship student, she will always be on the outside.

Acceptance cover

Susan Coll

The world of college admissions can be a stressful, trying one, or in the case of Susan Coll’s Acceptance, absolutely hilarious. The book is written as a satire of the college admissions process, both from students’ and admission officers’ points of view. Whether you are experiencing the college admissions process with your child, or remember going through the insane process yourself, you will find something to laugh about in Acceptance.

Arcadia Falls cover

Arcadia Falls
Carol Goodman

It’s easy to love books set on campuses; there’s something about the world of academia that creates amazing atmosphere. Not only is it perfect for coming-of-age stories, but it’s great for mysteries as well. Meg has accepted a teaching position at Arcadia Falls in upstate New York. She’s hoping the move will bring her and her daughter closer, especially after the unexpected death of her husband. She’s looking forward to the tranquil peace of Arcadia Falls, but that’s shattered when a girl falls to her death during the school’s opening night bonfire.

Crossing Washington Square cover

Crossing Washington Square
Joanne Rendell

Crossing Washington Square is the story of two English professors with different outlooks on literature. Professor Diana Monroe is a scholarly woman, an expert on Sylvia Plath and a proponent of serious classics. She looks down upon Rachel Grey, a fellow professor with a very different attitude. She teaches contemporary women’s fiction and believes that Bridget Jones’ Diary can teach a student just as much as The Bell Jar. As these two women butt heads, Carson McEvoy, a very handsome visiting professor, causes even more tension, as he makes it clear he’s interested in both of them.

The Secret History cover

The Secret History
Donna Tartt

The Secret History is a modern-day classic set in the world of academia. When Richard Papen arrives on his college campus, he’s afraid he won’t find anywhere to fit in. But he’s quickly accepted into a clique, a tight-knit group of friends obsessed with classic literature. As Richard ingratiates himself deeper and deeper into this circle of friends, he becomes privy to their secrets and discovers they aren’t as harmless as they appear.

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