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Eminem crushes Lady Gaga on Facebook: 60 million fans

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, leads the celebrity Facebook race. On Wednesday the rapper hit a serious milestone with the social media site and leaves the queen of Twitter, Lady Gaga, in the dust.

Eminem rules Facebook.Eminem rules Facebook. On Wednesday, Marshall Mathers hit the major milestone of 60 million Facebook “likes” on his fan page. To make the Facebook feat even more impressive, Eminem’s 60 million Facebook “likes” surpasses any other living person. Eminem is in the top five Facebook pages of all time, just behind YouTube‘s 61.2 million “likes.”

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App Data reports the top five Facebook pages according to “likes” are as follows:

  1. Facebook for Every Phone with 117,516,582
  2. Facebook with 70,311,623
  3. Texas HoldEm Poker with 63,875, 364
  4. YouTube with 61,293,494
  5. Eminem with 60,130,272 

And while Lady Gaga may rule Twitter with over 27 million followers — in stark contrast to Eminem’s nearly 12 million followers — Lady Gaga barely trails Eminem and other famous musicians on Facebook. Rihanna follows Eminem with over 59 million Facebook “likes” which puts her in the number eight spot of top Facebook pages. Lady Gaga comes in just ahead of Michael Jackson (51 million) with 53 million fans.

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The 39-year-old Mathers, also known as his alter ego of Slim Shady, came out in 2009 with his addiction to prescription pills. Eminem told Vibe magazine he was in a very dark place. “The numbers got so high, I don’t even know what I was taking.” He went on to reveal an overdose in 2005 after unknowingly taking methadone — an extremely potent painkiller.

Eminem’s Facebook page features behind-the-scenes looks at Eminem’s latest music venture, Slaughterhouse. The band is labeled a “hip-hop” supergroup under Eminem’s own music label, Shady Interscope. Eminem’s Facebook page also features photos and a store.

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