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Hot trailer: Paranormal Activity 4 will make you scream

The found footage film that started a revolution in homemade horror movies released the new trailer for the fourth installment in the lucrative series, Paranormal Activity 4.

Paranormal Activity 4

This one is gonna be good. The last three films, if you’ve been keeping track, have shown audiences what really goes bump in the night. Who’s watching you when you’re asleep? What do all those creaks in your house really mean? Why is that light in the bathroom blinking? Ahhh!

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To catch you up on plot, the first three films in the series were loosely tied together around one family who had a devilish past. Now, a fourth film shows us that there’s still something amiss in a new house.

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In the new trailer that was just released, we see lots of home movies of little kids, cute adorable kids. You know what’s gonna happen to them…? In a very Paranormal Activity style, the clips are so quick, it’s tough to see what kind of nefarious — if any — activity is going on in the background. But we know there are some. There has to be!

After we see the kids disappear, we see more people disappear, those who were pulled from their houses like they were going down a drain. What happened to all those who disappeared in the first three movies…? Something’s telling us audiences are about to find out.

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Paranormal Activity 4 creeps into theaters Oct. 19.

But if you want to get ahead of the game, Paramount Pictures has launched a promotion allowing fans to see Paranormal Activity 4 first in one of 25 cities by clicking “Want It” on the Paranormal Activity Facebook page.

The top cities in the running when we lasted checked were Lake Bluff, Illinois, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Spring, Texas. Click if you want it to come to you.

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

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