Vanity Fair names Kate Middleton “International Best Dressed

The Duchess of Cambridge comes out on top of Vanity Fair’s list. But since she has spent $54,000 on clothing so far this year, that makes sense.

Kate MiddletonMore than a year after she married the second in line to the British throne, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has never agreed to an interview with Vanity Fair, even though they have asked numerous times.

So, when the magazine chose her as their 2012 “International Best Dressed” they decided they had to do it without her help. But they did find out some things about the woman who will be the Queen of England one day.

Vanity Fair found out how the girl stays so skinny and the answer is… being rich,” said E! News. “Specifically, the mag credits ‘deerstalking, tennis and Buckingham Palace swims.’”

According to the magazine, even with the change of lifestyle, Middleton has stayed down to Earth since becoming royal (by marrying Prince William) in April 2011.

“Her royal duties can require up to five costume changes per day, a task that can stress William’s bride, according to Vanity Fair, but one performed with as little fuss as possible,” said the Los Angeles Times. “Kate still refuses the help of a royal dresser, preferring to shop and accessorize her own looks with an emphasis on recycling clothing and mixing in affordable brands.”

The article, written by “royals watcher” Katie Nicholls, said that Middleton is also quite the cook.

“The couple, described as ‘foodies’ in the profile… enjoy stockpiled homemade strawberry jam and links from their own sausage maker — all executed by Chef Kate,” said the Los Angeles Times.

Middleton is not without friends on the list. Her brother-in-law was also named one of the best dressed.

Prince Harry, 27, led the best-dressed men followed by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is married to model Gisele Bundchen,” according to Reuters. “Both the prince and the sports star made their first appearances on the style list.”

Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger and Jay-Z also made the list of best dressed.

The issue of Vanity Fair will be out in September.

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