A Facebook competitor acquires Mark Zuckerberg's sister

Jul 31, 2012 at 8:38 p.m. ET

Arielle Zuckerberg works in social media for a company now owned by Google.

Mark ZuckerbergIt’s looking like Mark Zuckerberg may finally be forced to join Google +.

The Facebook founder’s sister may now be an employee at one of Facebook’s biggest competitors, Google. However, Arielle Zuckerberg did not apply for the job. The social ads marketing firm she works for, Wildfire, was acquired by Google today, according to CNN.

"Congrats Wildfire! There are officially now more Zuckerberg family members working for Google than Facebook! #awkward ;)," Zuckerberg’s other sister Randi Zuckerberg said in a tweet. According to CNN, this can only mean another family member is also an employee of Google.

However, Google would not comment on if Wildfire’s 400 employees would become Google employees.

Wildfire is a company that teaches marketers how to use social media. Arielle Zuckerberg is a junior product manager at the company.

"It's a platform for brands to manage their pages, apps, tweets, videos, sponsorships, ads, promotions and more, all in one place," said Google in a blog, according to CNN. "We're looking forward to creating new opportunities for our clients to engage with people across all social services."

Randi Zuckerberg is also in the biz. CNN says that she left Facebook last year to start her own media company. She is also reportedly in talks with Bravo to create a reality series that follows around Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

Randi was Facebook’s director of marketing for six years and helped launch Facebook Live.

"I have spent my years at Facebook pouring my heart and soul into innovating and pushing the media industry forward by introducing new concepts around live, social, participatory viewing that the media industry has since adopted," Zuckerberg said in her resignation letter in August 2011, according to CNN.

Google created their own social media platform, Google +, which was meant to compete with Facebook. The site has faced difficulty in being a true competitor to the social media platform that Zuckerberg created while in college.

Photo courtesy WENN.com