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Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews: Dining drama goes viral

The title Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews really says it all. With the dramatic flair possessed only by true thespians, professionals are bringing new intensity to oddball reviews left by angst-ridden diners. Must watch.

With an uptight shot, slow delivery and dramatic score, Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews has kicked off what is fast becoming a YouTube series sensation. Above, enjoy the dramatic stylings of professional actor Chris Kipiniak, as he “puts the full weight of his dynamic gifts behind this interpretation of an online restaurant review.”

“I ordered the broiled crab cakes, and they were really good,” he says while emoting a mixture of pleasure and confusion. “And I called and asked if I could speak to the supervisor, and the girl that answered the phone wanted to know what it was in reference to.”

“I told her it was regarding the food I ordered,” the Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews talent continues. “And she said, ‘What was wrong with it?’ And I said, ‘Nothing, I just wanted to let him or her know that it was good, and then she was like, ‘OK hold on…'”

“It seemed like he was in a rush. I don’t think I’m going to be able to eat there anymore.”

You may know Chris Kipiniak from his appearances as Evan Goode on The Good Wife, Clerk #2 in Headcrusher or Cop in The Poker Club — or he may very just become etched in your memory as the guy who nearly shed tears reading a Yelp review.

Bringing professional experience to the second Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews video is award-winning audio-book narrator and actress Therese Plummer. The star, who has also provided voice work for Pokemon “lends her expressive talents to this rendition of a Yelp review.”

Delivering on the intricacy of a 4-star review of an Indian restaurant that left the patrons in dire intestinal straits, Plummer enthuses, “The Tandoori Prawns were cooked beautifully, seasoned to perfection and tore through me with the awesome fury of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Bravo… My morning was an unforgettable thrill ride.”

Spread the joy with your fellow comedian and food connoisseurs alike! Real Actors Read Yelp reviews is serious dining out drama.

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