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A mom’s fantasy begets The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Planting tomatoes in the backyard is normal, but little boys? SheKnows brings you this exclusive look at a heartwarming scene from the upcoming story of magical parenthood, The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

Timothy Green isn’t a boy like any other. He wasn’t born. He wasn’t adopted. He didn’t drop out of the sky… so to say. He appeared one day in the backyard of very hopeful parents Cindy and Jim Green, played by Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton, as part of a very serious plot twist in The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

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How did this happen? No one really knows. The couple, who had been trying to have a child for the longest time, finally decided that they would bury a box in their backyard with all their dreams of someday conceiving. Little did they know their wish would turn into a real-life kid.


SheKnows brings you this exclusive look at a heartwarming story about woman who becomes a first-time mother to a child she dreamed up with her own imagination. In this scene, Cindy inspects the peculiar vine which appears to be growing out of Timothy’s foot.

Unsure what to make of the leaves, she tries to pluck one, gently. The odd thing is, the leaf is attached.

Puzzled by this miracle, Cindy looks outside and sees the box where she and her husband planted the list of things they wanted for their child — including that he would “score the winning goal” — and the idea of wishing on a star seems to have become more of a reality.

This is not the first of strange happenings that will surround the arrival of this miraculous 10-year-old boy.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green sprouts into theaters Aug. 15, but audiences can hang out with director Peter Hedges and actor Joel Edgerton on +Google on August 1.

Photo credit: Disney Pictures

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