Madonna should probably just stay away from France

Madonna’s return to Paris wasn’t exactly spectacular. Find out why fans booed the singer during her performance… we can’t really say we blame them.

Madonna booed during Paris concert

Madonna made her way back to France to perform an “intimate” concert for 2,700 fans at the Olympia Theatre in Paris on Thursday night. Sounds like a great opportunity for French fans, right? Wrong: The singer was booed and called a “salope” — translated as a “b****h, s**t or w***e — for only performing for 45 minutes.

Fans — who paid $100 to $350 a ticket — screamed “remboursez!”, or “we want our money back,” as Madonna left the stage, according to NME.

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Ouch — especially since the concert wasn’t originally part of her tour. The aging pop star planned the show after a controversial Swastika stunt at an earlier France show. During the Bastille Day show, Madonna showed a video of French politician Marine Le Pen with the Nazi symbol. She agreed to the show after Le Pen and the country’s National Party threatened to sue her.

“I know that I have made a certain Marine Le Pen very angry with me. It’s not my intention to make enemies… If we don’t learn from history, we will just repeat it,” she said during the show. “So the next time you want to point the finger at somebody and blame them for the problems in your life, take that finger and point it back at you.”

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She’s not apologizing for the concert, though. Her mouthpiece issued a statement saying that the show was only a “thank you” to France.

“Madonna’s Paris club show was planned as her heartfelt thank-you to France, which she expressed at the start of her show. Despite a grueling concert tour, she desperately wanted to perform for her fans in an intimate setting at the historic Olympia as a means to honor her love for French artists, French cinema and a tribute to France’s long history of welcoming and inspiring artists, authors, painters, poets and minorities from other countries over the years,” Liz Rosenberg said in a statement, according to MTV.

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“The show was not billed as her full MDNA concert and tremendous effort was made to keep the ticket prices reasonable ($100 for 2,000 floor seats) and keep them strictly for her fans,” Rosenberg added. “The show cost Madonna close to a million dollars to produce. She has done a handful of club dates in the past and they were never more than 45 minutes. And by the way, she put on a fabulous show, which was streamed for millions of fans around the world.”

Maybe someone should have clued the audience to that, you think? Regardless, she’ll be back in Paris in a few weeks for another performance.

Watch Madonna’s disastrous Paris concert

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