What you’ve been missing on YouTube: Week of July 27, 2012

Some weeks it can be tough to find videos worth sharing. This wasn’t one of those weeks! This Friday’s recap starts with the sweet and innocent and ends on more of a disgusting and inappropriate note. Here’s a little something for everyone’s Friday.

Call Your Girlfriend

Um, can you say freakin’ precious? These little sweethearts with incredible voices and unparalleled hand-eye coordination will steal your heart. Hopefully the producers of America’s Got Talent are watching.

Neature Walk

When you watch this video, you’ll feel like Chris Farley is alive and well. This guy’s intimate knowledge of the great outdoors is, uh, neat…

Clean Your Balls

Not since Alec Baldwin’s classic SNL Schweddy Balls skit, has nut humor been so funny. If you have a huge, disgusting, dirty ball sack, you will find this information useful.

Kotex: Apology

For equal measure, check out this video that says what we’ve all been thinking, pretty much since tampons were invented.


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