The Babymakers movie review: Sperm bank job

What do two gay dads, a sperm bank and the Indian mafia have in common? They’re all part of the craziest plan to get pregnant ever put on film! The Babymakers gives a whole new meaning to the term “fertility test.”

The Babymakers movie

After three years of marriage, Audrey (Olivia Munn) is ready to make a baby with hubby Tommy (Paul Schneider). There’s only one problem – they can’t get pregnant. According to her doctor, Audrey has “two of the pinkest, plumpest most beautiful ovaries” he’s ever seen, so it must be Tommy’s problem, right?

We all know guys never want to think something may be wrong with their “junk,” but Tommy has good reason to believe his swimmers still have swagger. It turns out that before he got married, he donated his sperm numerous times. Donated sperm is always tested, so how could he have a problem?

The Babymakers Olivia Munn

Tommy does his best to keep this info from his wife, but he just can’t take the humiliation any longer. Tommy confesses to Audrey that donating sperm was the best way for him to make extra money to buy her a truly riveting ring for their engagement. Audrey is furious that he may already be a dad, and forces him to the fertility doctor, where his worst fears are confirmed: He’s sterile.

But Tommy has hope. He calls the sperm bank where he made his donations and finds out there’s one batch left that’s just been sold. When the gay couple refuses to relinquish Tommy’s sperm, he recruits his friends and someone named Ron Jon (played by director Jay Chandrasekhar) who used to be in the Indian mafia, to rob the sperm bank.

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The Babymakers includes one hilarious, gross-out scene where one of Tommy’s friends accidentally smashes hundreds of sperm vials and reluctantly plays slip and slide in the stuff. Ew!

Bottom line: this movie is a dude’s take on infertility, full of slapstick silliness providing a refreshing approach to the topic of modern-day baby making.

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