Promising picks for Robert Pattinson’s rebound chick

As Bella and Edward’s affection unfolded onscreen in The Twilight Saga, the characters’ real life counterparts likewise sunk their teeth into each other. Unfortunately for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart’s love leaves a mark. In the midst of her cheating scandal, we offer up a few more suitable matches for R-Pattz.

Twilight Actor Robert Pattinson

Emily Browning

Actress Emily Browning at the 2011 Cannes International Film Festival

Meet the would-have-been Bella! It is rumored that Twilight author Stephanie Meyer originally asked that Browning be offered the role which helped KStew nab Rob’s heart. The Australian actress declined, however, fearing a film franchise would take a bite out of her studies. Now that is what we call a series of unfortunate events! Plus, the Sucker Punch star says that, outside of acting, she is “a little bit nervous and not particularly brave” — sentiments that mirror Pattinson’s shielded persona.

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Katie Leung

Harry Potter Actress Katie Leung

The strongest relationships are born out of friendship, which makes Katie Leung a perfect prospect for R-Pattz. While playing Cho Chang to his Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Leung befriended her onscreen love interest. Perhaps the Scotland native formed a kinship with Pattinson over their mutual shyness? We just hope the two former Potter stars, who have remained close, can overcome their nerves long enough to cozy up for a date night or two — somehow we sense there would be magic in the air.

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Leighton Meester

Actress Leighton Meester at the MTV Movie Awards

Pattinson may have a bit of a thing for mean girls. Let’s face it — as beautiful as KStew is, she comes off about as warm as the clammy skin of her undead vampire compatriots. So why not hook Rob up with everyone’s favorite snarky socialite from Gossip Girl? Leighton Meester became the breakout star of the show for her spot-on portrayal of the ultimate queen B — an act she could surely break out for Pattinson when he feels the need to feed his bad girl habit. In reality, the actress/singer is known for her sweet demeanor, so Pattinson would be getting the best of both worlds.

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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad at Barnes & Noble Book Signing

If we learned anything from subjecting ourselves to hours upon hours of vapid Valley girl talk while watching Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills, it’s that Lauren Conrad wrote the book on loyalty. One of the only stars of the MTV shows who escaped unscathed by some seedy scandal (the one Spencer Pratt made up doesn’t count), “LC” never betrayed her friends or her principles. What can we say? The girl’s got class! Maybe this is exactly what Pattinson needs in the face of the sleazy sludge his current squeeze is dragging him through.

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Ellen Page

Actress Ellen Page at the UK Premiere of Inception

Nicknamed “The Tiny Canadian” for her 5’1″ stature, Ellen Page proves that big things come in small packages — this pocket-sized Nova Scotian packs a punch! She’s famous for her deadpan sense of humor (a la Juno), as well as her feminist feistiness. Plus, she portrayed Kitty Pryde in X-Men: The Last Sand… and R-Pattz is a self-professed comic junkie and total X-Men fan (do we predict some naughty role-play in their future?). Most pointedly, Page iterates the principle of utmost importance in her life and work is honesty. Sound refreshing, Rob?

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Dianna Agron

Glee Actress Dianna Agron

Merely a few weeks older than Rob, Dianna Agron could certainly give the brooding actor (and talented musician!) something to celebrate come birthday time next year. Currently playing the perky part of high school cheerleader Quinn Fabray on the hit show Glee, the beautiful blonde effortlessly acts, sings and dances us into Gleekiness each week. But, while she looks the part of the girlie-girl, Agron admits to finding graveyards and other morose things peaceful, so she should be able to tap into Pattinson’s dark side. If these two sync up, they’ll be hittin’ the high notes in no time.

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