Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman diet

Her personal nutrition coach reveals Anne Hathaway’s diet plan and shares three tips you can use to slim down in no time.

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To prepare for her role as Catwoman, Anne Hathaway followed an almost-vegan anti-inflammatory diet, which includes whole grains to control blood sugar, avocados, almonds (she doesn’t like walnuts), sesame seeds, dark chocolate, antioxidant-rich red and orange vegetables (Hathaway loves yams), dark leafy greens, ginger and turmeric. It was important to keep her protein levels up to help build lean muscle mass, so Keller worked a lot of seitan and tempeh into the meal plan.

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Some of Anne’s favorite meals while preparing for the film included miso soup, a tempeh club avocado sandwich on gluten-free bread, Tuscan brown rice salad, vegetarian chicken fried steak made with seitan, egg white frittatas and vegetarian egg rolls. It all sounds super healthy but Keller admits Hathaway is a chocolate person and loved her gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies and marble cake. While working on The Dark Knight Rises, Keller made sure the actress had a dessert every day so she wouldn’t have any cravings. Other sweet fixes Hathaway enjoyed include chocolate power smoothies made with almond milk and Keller’s Might Bars, which she shipped overseas during filming.

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To stay fueled on long days, Anne ate every two to three hours for a total of about 1500 to 1800 calories a day. That’s six or seven meals plus a soup or salad daily! Because the goal was to get Hathaway fit and toned while remaining slim, continually fueling her body was a must. If she got hungry between meals, Hathaway snacked on all-natural, reduced-fat peanut butter rolled with dried fruit on whole grain lavash.

While you may not need to get in Catwoman shape, you can still slim down and tone up in a few days with Keller’s top last-minute slim-down tips. Head over to to see what they are!

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