How to choose a movie for family night

When it comes to spending quality time with the whole family, few things bring us together like watching a movie. After the kids are tuckered out from the night’s fun and games, it’s time to unwind, but with which film?

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Here’s how you can select a movie that will please the entire family.

Think beyond animation

Great family films aren’t always animated. Animated films have been head of the pack in recent years, but going back to classics like Babe, Parenthood and more is always a good idea. Often these movies involve the stories of childhood, which both you and your kids can relate to. Plus, there’s often more sophisticated humor for the adults that won’t necessarily leave the kids out. Kids are all about fun and adventure. Choose a movie with those themes and you can’t go wrong!

The moral of the story

“There’s a moral to every story,” or so the old saying goes, but make sure those morals are relatable to your children. Animated films are a huge source of revenue for film companies and often they’ll churn out cartoon flicks simply because they generate funds. Take a look at the film synopsis and see if there’s something to actually be learned from your movie selection, rather than just an hour’s worth of entertainment and little substance.

Check out the reviews

The standard for family-friendly flicks has risen over the last few years. There’s simply no reason that you and your children can’t enjoy the same movie. Head to movie rating websites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB for compressive reviews by critics and users. If the film flopped at the box office, it’s likely movie night will too.

Take a look at the rating

Sometimes a film might look suitable for a child but actually deals with more adult themes. Generally a rating of G or PG is suitable for all audiences. Read up on the film before you buy or rent it. Look by the rating for a rundown of what themes it deals with. If one of the themes rubs you the wrong way, leave the film for another night when only adults will be viewing.

A family vote

Democracy rules! Take a family vote about what movie everyone would like to see. Give them the option of three or four movies, then have them shut their eyes and raise their hands for the movie they’d most like to see. The movie with the most votes wins fair and square.

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