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Eva Longoria goes on FOX & Friends for Obama

Eva Longoria stopped by Fox & Friends to talk about her work with President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Find out how she feels about Mitt Romney — and what she thinks is the coolest part of working for Obama.

Eva Longoria on Fox & friends for Barack Obama

Former Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria has traded scripts for political rallies — for at least the time being. The outspoken supporter of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign stopped by FOX & Friends on the FOX News Channel (popular with conservatives) on Tuesday to talk about her work within the Latino community to promote Obama’s message.

The FOX & Friends gang was quick to ask Longoria why she’s involved in the campaign.

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“I’m on the national re-election campaign to go out there and aggregate voters, be sure that they know about [Obama’s] record and everything that he’s done,” she said. “I particularly speak to the Latino community and the women’s community because I find that the policies that are being made in Washington disproportionately affect these two communities. So it is my job to make sure to let everybody know his record.”

The actress held a fundraiser for the president in Texas — and it was successful, she said.

“My home state, yeah, it was a big turnout, great rally,” she said. “We had a great rally and then we had a private luncheon and then he headed off to Austin. I got to ride in the motorcade, which was a lot of fun.”

The outspoken opponent of GOP candidate Mitt Romney — she’s called him a “flip-flopper” — said that people should vote for the former Massachusetts’ governor if they feel he’s the better choice.

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“You know really look at the candidates, if you like what Mitt has to offer and you think he has a better plan. … It’s just about two different choices, its two fundamentally different ideologies,” she said, adding that she’s all for Obama.

“The choices are very clear for me, for a lot of people in the Latino community, not that I am speaking on the behalf of all of them or on behalf of all women, I’m just saying this is what he has done, this is his record, and if you choose to agree with it, then vote for him.”

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Do you think Eva Longoria should speak out on politics, or should she just stick to acting?

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