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Can’t get pregnant? The Babymakers have a solution

SheKnows brings you this exclusive clip from the new romantic comedy that takes a hilarious look at one couple’s fertility problems.

They decide to rob a sperm bank. Yep, we’re talking about breaking and entering to get some sperm. This couple decides to go the distance to get themselves pregnant in the new feature film The Babymakers.

Audrey, played by Olivia Munn of Magic Mike (lucky girl!) and her hubby Tommy, played by Paul Schneider, find out that Tommy isn’t quite up to par when it comes to the sperm department.

How far would you go to get preggo? The Babymakers goes there >>

Audrey isn’t sure what’s wrong, so she decides to ask her girlfriends during a shopping trip what to do. In this exclusive clip, Audrey discusses Tommy’s shooting banks problem with her less-than-sympathetic galpals.

“Is he faking it…?”

When Audrey insists that her hubby isn’t faking it in bed, the girls advise her to “get his junk checked.” Uncomfortable with the conversation, Audrey soon realizes that if she’s going to get pregnant, she’s got to take some chances. She has to talk to Tommy about their infertility issue. This won’t be the first chance the couple takes in this movie.

“90 percent of the time it’s the guy’s fault”

Or so the girlfriends say. Lucky for Tommy, he made a very successful deposit into a sperm bank a number of years ago.

It sounds like there’s an easy solution to this problem, right? All Tommy and Audrey have to do is buy back his sperm. That is, until they find out that another couple has already purchased it. In a few short days, that sperm will be implanted into another woman.

Yow! What to do? There’s only one thing they can do. Steal the sperm back. SheKnows brings you this exclusive clip from The Babymakers which premieres in theaters and on VOD August 3.

Photo credit: Millennium Entertainment

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