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Minka Kelly sex tape: Welcome to the hall of shame?

A Minka Kelly sex tape? Rumor has it the actress is joining a slew of others caught on camera in compromising positions… but with whom?

The Buzz – Minka Kelly’s Underage Sex Tape?
A sex tape featuring Minka Kelly is supposedly being sold to the highest bidder… but some are worried she is underage in the video!

Minka Kelly sex tape rumors have hit the web — though along with questioning the validity of claims a tape is being shopped to the highest bidder, fans are clamoring to know “With whom?”

A Minka Kelly sex tape with current boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama? Doubtful.

Is it ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter the actress was filmed in the buff with? Doesn’t look like it.

What about that 2007 fling with John Mayer, then?? Though it seems a possibility, word on the web has it he wasn’t the lucky guy, either.

It turns out Minka Kelly’s sex tape partner is reportedly someone from her pre-famous boyfriend past — though that doesn’t make the reports any less scandalous!

TMZ has done a little snooping around, and now believes Minka Kelly’s adult performance was filmed in 1998… possibly before the The Roommate star’s eighteenth birthday. Yikes!

Jake Gyllenhaal liked Minka Kelly’s goodies >>

Nonetheless Minka Kelly’s sex tape is the talk of the town, trending internet search engines and firing up Twitter. “I have ZERO interest in a Minka Kelly sex tape,” wrote on of the lone commenters not titillated by the idea Monday. “Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my women to have the curves of a woman.”

Conversely, an Atlanta radio host shared, “Can i say that in my Mind Minka Kelly got a lot hotter? I just got permission from the wife. She said it was cool 🙂 #sextapeproblems.”

No word yet from Minka Kelly or her rep on the “sex tape problems,” though if the Minka Kelly sex tape rumors turn out to be true the 32-year-old certainly won’t be alone in Scandalville. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson and more have had their own sex tape drama in years past — though it seems that what is presumably an embarrassing turn of events did little to hurt any of their careers.

Minka Kelly sex tape: A shameful scandal or no big deal?

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