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What you’ve been missing on YouTube

YouTube is a dumping ground for the hilarious, the mind-boggling, the embarrassing, the freaky, and the informative. YouTube doesn’t hold exclusive rights to these online gems, as several websites generate their own digital masterpieces. Here, we give you a montage of online video goodness:

Our first little feature comes from Neurowear, a Japanese firm that has, as you are about to witness, developed a pair of cat ears that read your mood. All we can say about this is that when you are a country that engineered everything there is to be engineered, you must get a little bored. Thus, mood-sensing cat ears. As this video progresses, it will become evident that these engineers don’t date a lot, because when this girl sees a cute boy and he just keeps walking, it doesn’t occur to her that maybe the boy might have taken an interest if she wasn’t wearing cat ears in public like some kind of FAH-reak.

In this spoof from, “Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes” break the news to daughter Suri that they have fulfilled their contractual obligation to each other and no longer have to live in the same house, make public appearances together, etc., etc. This one’s a keeper. Take a look:

This SNL skit about “Red Flag” perfume, a woman who is “gorgeous, wealthy, a free spirit, and her ex-boyfriend was a club promoter,” is followed by the haunting warning of “Red Flag.” When the cologne version of Red Flag comes out, the man will be described as “driving a truck with a lift kit, five gym memberships, and his ex-girlfriend owned a tanning salon.”

Any woman who has dated a guy whose slogan is “Bros before hos” is going to love this video. We can’t really decide what we like best — the clarinet solo, the use of the words “male boo,” or the Yeti in the limo. Watch and decide for yourself.

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