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Fifty Shades of Grey quiz

Grab your pencil, paper and maybe your handcuffs for good luck on the Fifty Shades of Grey quiz!

Fifty Shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon started months ago and is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. One cannot go out to dinner, get her nails done or endure a simple haircut without being asked if she has read the erotic novel featuring the submissive sexual relationship between one young woman and one extremely wealthy and desirable businessman. There are even whispers of an impending baby boom due to the book’s risky subjects and the effect it is having on women — and their men. What is it about this novel that has swept the country and shows little sign of slowing down? More importantly — can you ace the SheKnows quiz on all things Christian, Anastasia and the fifty shades in between? Grab your pencils and let’s crack that whip!

1. What is the name of Anastasia’s VW Beetle?

A. Patty
B. Wanda
C. Margaret
D. Betty

2. What hotel does Christian take Anastasia to?

A. Heathman
B. Hilton
C. Honors
D. Holden

3. What is the name of Christian’s helicopter?

A. Big Chopper
B. Bald Eagle
C. Charlie Tango
D. Destroyer

4. What did Christian buy at the hardware store?

A. Zip ties and rope
B. Shovel and flashlight
C. Nails and hammer
D. Paint and rollers

5. What does Anastasia drink when she first meets Christian at his office?

A. Coffee
B. Tea
C. Water
D. Soda

6. What kind of car does Christian buy for all his subs?

B. Cadillac
C. Audi
D. Porsche

7. What electronic devices does Christian buy Anastasia?

A. Blackberry and laptop
B. Cell phone
C. Video camera and tripod
D. iPod

8. What is the name of the new intern at Christian’s office?

A. Alice
B. Evie
C. Erica
D. Oliva

9. Bonus question! Which young actress was featured in a Fifty Shades of Grey parody on Funny or Die?

A. Miley Cyrus
B. Dakota Fanning
C. Selena Gomez
D. Emma Watson

Ready to see the answers?

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