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Heidi Klum talks Project Runway‘s stripped-down beginnings

Tonight the show will celebrate the premiere of its 10th season, but Klum admits in the beginning everyone involved was taking a leap of faith.

Heidi KlumIt’s a big day for Project Runway.

Not only did they wake up to the news that they received four more Emmy nominations, but the premiere of their 10th season airs tonight on Lifetime.

For host Heidi Klum, it wasn’t always like this.

The show, which started on Bravo eight years ago, had a “bare-bones budget” and the staff did what they could to make the show successful with what they had.

“We started filming and I didn’t have a stylist in the beginning,” said Klum today to the Washington Post. “I was calling friends and asking ‘Can I borrow this? Can I borrow that?’”

But for Klum, who has four kids, the show is like another child.

“It’s like one of my babies being born and being out there for so many years already now,” she said. “So of course I’m extra proud.”

Klum’s oldest daughter is eight and Klum said she doesn’t really know much about the show yet.

“My children don’t really watch a lot of television yet,” she said. “Now my daughter… friends are telling her more and more about ‘Project Runway’ and she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I visited my mom there a few times.’ She doesn’t really put it all together yet which I think is really nice.”

The show has been through many hurdles, but tonight marks the start to start its 10th season, as well as filming the second season for Project Runway: All Stars. The judges, Klum, designer Michael Kors and Marie Claire’s Nina Garcia, as well as mentor Tim Gunn, have all been with the show since the first season.

But, Michael Kors said it was never a sure thing.

“It’s a blind date that turned out very well,” he told the Washington Post.

The newspaper said that the four stars rode a double-decker bus this morning through Times Square to promote tonight’s premiere.

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