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Emmy-nominee Sofia Vergara and other celeb Cancers

Crabs. They are crustaceans with stalked eyes and five pairs of legs, the front pair being giant pinchers! They thrive in the tidal zones of our oceans, where the environment around them is always changing in direct correlation with the moon. Though they taste great with butter and a little cocktail sauce, what does it mean when a celebrity is born into the astrological House of Cancer? Let’s look at a few famous Cancers to see if they live up to the crabby hype.

Hope Springs

Meryl Streep was born a Cancer on June 22, 1949. Home and family are supremely important to the crab, so it makes sense that Meryl’s new film Hope Springs, is about a middle-aged woman who is desperate to re-ignite romance with her husband of several decades, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Given that Cancers are notorious nurturers, Meryl is a natural casting choice to play a woman who wants to find happiness and sexual fulfillment within her marriage.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick

With a birthday of July 8th, 1958, king crab Kevin Bacon holds his home life more important than his career, as is common for Cancers. One of the few Hollywood film stars who’s been able to stay married for 24 years, Kevin smartly chose actress Kyra Sedgwick, a Leo. Perhaps it’s Leo’s desire to be proud of her mate as well as her direct, no-nonsense method of addressing problems that have helped this marriage go the distance.

Tom Cruise at ROA premier

Born on the third of July, 1962, moon-child Tom Cruise has had a tough go of it lately. As the moon changes from night to night, it’s possible Sagittarius Katie Holmes ultimately couldn’t adjust to Cruise’s waxing and waning. The half-human, half-horse archer, Sagittarius is always struggling to rise above its animal instincts and search for an intellectual understanding of life. Maybe Katie and her cerebral pursuits didn’t make a good choice for the Church of Scientology that seems to make little room for free thinkers.

Hit and Run movie

It’s no surprise that actress Kristen Bell, also a crustacean (June 27, 1980) will appear in a new movie starring her Capricorn fiance, Dax Shepard. Hit and Run is a comedy about a couple trying to stay together in spite of his dark, criminal past. While Dax is famous for arranging a sloth to spend time with Kristen on her birthday, there’s little doubt that Dax, the sure-footed goat, approaches his relationship with Kristen with careful steps and an enjoyment of reaching new heights.

Sofia Vergara Emmy's

Again adhering to the strong family theme, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, born on July 10, 1972, is a crab known for her beautiful exoskeleton. Today, it was announced she has been nominated for her third Emmy! Will three times be her charm? Let’s hope the tide comes in for this lovely Cancer, whose ability to navigate deep, changing waters will come in handy while waiting to hear if she can finally get her sexy pinchers on the big prize.

Hope Springs photo, courtesy of Sony Pictures
Hit and Run photo, courtesy of Open Road Films
All other photos, courtesy of WENN

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