Can Marissa Mayer have it all?

Jul 18, 2012 at 8:46 p.m. ET

The new Yahoo! CEO reveals she is also having a baby in October. Can the 37-year-old run the company with a brand new baby? Stars, media and regular tweeters are weighing in.

Marissa MayerAlmost immediately after Yahoo! made the announcement a 37-year-old Google executive would become their new CEO, the new chief, Marissa Mayer, announced she is six months pregnant.

“Mayer told Fortune she learned of her pregnancy in January and disclosed it to Yahoo’s recruiter in June,” according to the Washington Post. “From then on, she said the Yahoo board showed no qualms about the impending arrival and major life change for their contender.”

Mayer knew this meant the company was a good place for her to transition to.

“They showed their evolved thinking,” she told Fortune.

Stars are also praising the young new head of the Fortune 500 company.

“YAY @marissamayer Yahoo’s new CEO! She is also 7 mo pregnant- lets hope she inspires corps to create better options for all working moms,” Mia Farrow tweeted.

There was almost instantly working mother chatter all over Twitter, from all areas of the world.

The Wall Street Journal tweeted a story about the new CEO: “New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is 7 months pregnant. What her ascension means for other working moms.”

Arianna Huffington tweeted a story from her website, the Huffington Post, that said “Marissa Mayer: The most powerful pregnant woman in America.”

According to the Washington Post, Mayer said she would be taking only a few weeks of maternity leave, and would be working throughout. This brought up Twitter discussion on whether Mayer is really “having it all.”

Twitter commenters went from congratulating her to telling her how important maternity leave is.

But after all this, Mayer still has time to have somewhat of a life too.

“Finally breaking in to Breaking Bad after tons of recommendations,” she tweeted on July 1. “Am going to try to watch just one episode a day. Can it be done?”

Time will tell on if the new CEO can turn Yahoo! around, but first, she will have to make sure she knows how to change a diaper.

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