Meet the band: Edens Edge

Saying goodbye to bands (think NSync, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls…) at the turn of the millennium was one of the hardest things I ever had to do… as a 13-year-old girl, bands dancing across the stage in matching outfits were a very pivotal part of my everyday life! But I never lost faith that they would come back… well, in some form, and yee-haw, our new bands are here!

So long are the days of the stand-alone country star. The country music industry is now paving the way for talented duos and trios to band together in their quest for fame, and we are totally loving it! Edens Edge is the latest up-and-coming band.

Having toured with Brad Paisley, Reba McEntire and Lady Antebellum, their mandolin playin,’ banjo-strummin’ and harmony singin’ sound is making everyone shriek “Amen!” and no, it’s not ‘too good to be true.’ (Do you like all my play on words there? Hint —  those are the titles of their singles!) 

You may know their songs, but how much do you know about the three artists behind the music? Well, here’s your chance to get to know Cherrill Green, Hannah Blaylock and Dean Berner of Edens Edge a little bit more… before they totally take over your air waves!

SK: How did you guys come up with the name Edens Edge?

Dean: One day, we were driving through Ozark mountains on the way to one of our shows and Steve Smith, the one who introduced the three of us, goes ‘Hey, guys it looks like we’re driving on the edge of Eden.’ It was one of those moments where we kind of looked at each other and thought this could be our name.

We really love it because it represents who we are and where we come from, and it does exactly what we want our music to do: Take you to edge of Eden. In the Bible, Eden is paradise; it is a place where anything of general want is there. That’s what we want our music to do, bring you to the edge of that and elevate your mood and your happiness and take you there.

SK: In your music videos and interviews, you all seem like you’re so close! What’s your relationship like?

Cherill: We hate each other. No. We always say it’s like we’re married. We’re brothers and sisters and husbands and wives to each other. We’ve been together eight years now. Hannah was only a senior in high school when we got together and Dean and I are a couple years older than her. We’ve grown together and we are very close. We’ve been able to use the communication skills from here and reading whether someone needs space, whether it’s time to talk or not time to talk. It’s been good, we love each other and we’ve just really been blessed on this journey together.

SK: How would you describe each of your personalities? Is one of you loud and outgoing and the another reserved?

Hannah: I am definitely the most loud, because I need to be loud to do my job, Cherrill is the jokester and Dean is more of the reserved one, but he’s got some amazing corny jokes.

SK: I know that you guys tour together and bus together, which can be tight at times, but what are your five must-haves for the tour bus refrigerator?

Cherill: I have this green drink I’ve been drinking lately called, garden of life. It’s greens that I mix with some juice and it makes me feel awesome. Hannah likes this Tuscan herb trail mix thing we get from Trader Joe’s. We have active things, no crispy foods…

Dean: Bottled water

SK: That’s important. Do you have any tour bus rules?

Cherill: They get broken all the time!

Hannah: Yes, they do. Don’t leave your stuff in the bus long or your shoes on the floor because Dean and Cherrill are really tall and they trip over shoes all the time. And with them being tall I have very big shoes to compete with, so I try to keep my shoes off the floor!

SK: What is the most uncomfortable thing while touring together?

Cherill: Uncomfortable? Well Dean has a hard time sitting on the bus, Hannah too. I have no problems. I think the only thing that is not comfortable is not getting a lot of rest.

SK: Do you have any traveling traditions as you go from city to city?

Dean: We love going to local restaurants and trying out what is unique to a city. We also like to pick up little trinkets in the city. Hannah hates the trinkets but I get them just to bug her.

Photo courtesy of B.A.D. Tour Publicity

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