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Kate Beckinsale reveals when she finally felt beautiful

The actress will be 40 next year, but said age shouldn’t be something women are afraid of.

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In August’s issue of Allure magazine, Kate Beckinsale talks about when she started to feel more confident about her looks.

“Feeling attractive didn’t come until I was 29,” the actress, who turns 39 next week, told Allure magazine. This was when she started showing up to Hollywood happenings feeling more confident in herself. This was taken the wrong way by many people.

“At the time it was partly perceived as if I’d gone all Hollywood, but it wasn’t like that at all,” Beckinsale said.

In 2009, Esquire magazine named her one of their sexiest women alive. She said this had more of a negative than positive impact.

“I think the risk of being the sexiest woman alive is that you don’t want to ever have sex again,” she said to Allure, according to the NY Daily News. “You don’t want to wear a bikini again.”

She enjoyed it while it lasted, but she is sure it won’t ever happen again.

“You’re only that for a year, and then you’re done,” Beckinsale said. “You’re old news. I don’t know who it is right now, but it’s not me.”

But the actress is not complaining. For her, the aging process has so far gone pretty well.

“I haven’t suddenly gained 20 pounds that won’t go away, or a beard.” And she only gets more confident the older she gets. After she realized there is nothing wrong with it, she hoped to share that with everyone else.

“What is it about a woman being in her late 30s that brings out the ‘Oh, my gosh, are you worried?’ questions?” she said. “Worried? What about? Thirty-eight, 39, 40, 50! Great! Still alive!”

Beckinsale stars in one of the summer’s blockbusters, Total Recall. It was quite the change for the British actress.

“It’s an odd trajectory, I’ll give you that,” she said. “If you’d asked me when I was at Oxford, ‘Do you think you’ll ever be running up and down holding a machine gun as a bad guy in a big American movie?’ I would have said, ‘God, no!'”

Total Recall will be in theaters Aug. 3.

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