Video: Meet Olympian Rebecca Soni: Her Kellogg's commercial

Jul 30, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Meet three-time Olympic medalist Rebecca Soni. The star swimmer is headed to this summer’s games in London and participating in her first commercial ever for Kellogg’s. Watch as we go behind the scenes of the shoot.

Meet Olympian Rebecca Soni
Rebecca Soni

Rebecca Soni is a true inspiration. The Olympic swimmer won two silver medals and one gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She holds the world record for the 100- and 200-meter breaststroke and won Swimming World’s “World Swimmer of the Year” in 2010 and 2009.

But things haven’t come easy for Soni. In 2006, the swimmer underwent a procedure to regulate her overactive heartbeat. Though it wasn’t a life-threatening illness, it was detrimental to her practice.

"Growing up, I had a heart condition and I finally got a procedure done to repair it in 2006," Soni said. "I was just really ready to get back in the water and get back to racing."

These days Soni is doing great and making such a mark on this year’s Olympics, that she’s scored her very own commercial for Kellogg’s cereal.

"This is my first commercial," Soni said. "When I was young, I would never have imagined that I would make it to the Olympics. I'm really excited to see how it all works behind the scenes and to be the star of the show has been really great so far."

Go behind the scenes of Soni's Kellogg's commercial

When she’s not working out Rebecca likes to do "anything that involves staying dry."

"I really love getting outside and going on hikes," she said. "I enjoy just relaxing and letting your body recover between workouts."


Rebecca Soni

SheKnows: How often do you work out a week?

Rebecca: I train in the pool six to eight sessions a week of two hours. Outside the pool I focus on dry land, yoga, and a lot of walking.

SheKnows: What's your best diet tip?

Rebecca: Eat often, bring calories to workout (drink or food), eat a lot of vegetables, try new things to keep healthy food interesting, get inspired by healthy restaurants.

SheKnows: What's your favorite TV show?

Rebecca: Project Runway.

Anything on the Food Network.

SheKnows: What are your favorite guilty pleasure foods?

Rebecca: Chocolate cake and chocolate chip pancakes.

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