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It’s official! Pitbull is going to Alaska

Miami-based rapper Pitbull better start shopping for snow parkas: A Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska won a personal appearance from the rapper, thanks to some Internet rabblerousers. Find out what Pitbull thinks about his upcoming trip.

Pitbull going to Alaska

It’s hard to go anywhere these days without hearing a song by Pitbull, or a song that has Pitbull rapping on the hook, or a song referencing Pitbull. He’s everywhere — and soon he’ll be in the most remote Walmart in America, thanks to some web trolls.

The whole thing started a few weeks ago when the Cuba-born rapper announced that he’d visit any Walmart that received the most ‘likes’ on Facebook. Well, Something Awful creators David Thorpe and Jon Hendren took that as a challenge to send Mr. 305 to Kodiak, Alaska by launching the #ExilePitbull tag on Twitter. The plot went viral and the Kodiak Walmart ended up getting over 70K thumbs up on the social media site.

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Think Pitbull is upset about this? Think again: The rapper is actually excited for the trip — and he invited the trolls with him.

“Guess whos invited 2 the @Walmart in kodiak w/ me!!! bring ur @Sheets… its a loonggggg flight 😉 @Arr daleeeee!!!” Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

He also posted a video about the upcoming appearance, saying he’s happy to go anywhere for his fans. So, will the trolls be going with him?

“Good news: I’ll definitely go to Alaska with @Pitbull,” Thorpe tweeted. “Bad news: I’ve been trying to grow a beard in preparation and it’s NOT going well.”

Think what you want about Pitbull’s music, you have to admit he’s doing a good job of endearing himself to fans with this response. Soon, he’ll have all of Alaska incessantly chanting “Dale!”

Watch Pitbull announce his trip to Kodiak, Alaska

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