Meet Olympian Kami Craig: “I’m a sucker for love stories

She helped her team score the silver in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Now, U.S. water polo player Kami Craig is going back for the gold.

Meet Olympian Kami Craig
Meet Olympian Kami Craig

USC alum Kami Craig has been making a splash in the water polo world since her days on the Youth National Team in high school. Craig earned the 2009 prestigious Cutino award for her skill and was a member of the 2008 U.S. team to take home a silver medal at the Beijing games.

But what is Kami like outside the water? Get to know this inspiring Olympian:

Q&ASheKnows: What does participating in this year’s Olympics mean to you?

Kami: Participating in this year’s Olympics means another opportunity to try and capture the gold. We have an amazing group of girls that make up this year’s 2012 U.S. Olympic Water Polo Team, and I am looking forward to competing side by side with my teammates that I have become so close to along this journey.

SheKnows: How often do you practice a week?

Kami: We train six days a week (four or those are two-a-days).

Meet Olympian Kami CraigSheKnows: Do you have a strict diet while training?

Kami: If you want to feel good in the water you have to fuel your body with good foods. Lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

SheKnows: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Kami: Ice cream.

SheKnows: If you weren’t an athlete, what would you be doing?

Kami: Something that would have to do with working with people. A teacher, coach, or counselor. I love being around and interacting with others.

SheKnows: What’s your favorite movie?

Kami: I like anything lighthearted and funny. I am also a big sucker for love stories.

SheKnows: What’s your favorite clothing brand?

Kami: Anything that fits!! Being an athlete, it can be a little tricky in the clothing department. I have big strong legs and arms and a thinner waist. So when something looks good, feels good, and fits, I buy it!

SheKnows: Who is your celebrity crush?

Kami: I have a thing for surfers, so I would say right now Dane Reynolds.

SheKnows: Who is your role model?

Kami: My mom. She is such a strong woman and has taught me to be a well-rounded woman with strong morals and values.

SheKnows: If you win, how will you celebrate?

Kami: If my team wins the gold, I hope to be celebrating right next to my girls and everyone else who was a part of us getting there.

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