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Living the Sweet Life with Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield!

Who doesn’t have fond memories of the Wakefield twins from Sweet Valley High? Thanks to author Francine Pascal, the blonde twins from our youth return with new six-part e-serial, The Sweet Life! Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, now 30 years old, continue to live the sweet life in a unique set of novella length e-book-only serials! Jenn Lawrence gives you a recap of the first two episodes in this series!

The Sweet Life #1 Episode 1

Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Jessica Wakefield are now 30 years old. Jessica is vice president in charge of marketing and promoting a line of green, environmentally-conscious cosmetics. She’s the mother of an adorable 2-year-old son, Jake. Unfortunately, her marriage with Todd (Lizzie’s ex-boyfriend) has fizzled, and the two are now attempting to arrange their busy schedules to give Jake the attention he deserves. This task isn’t an easy one as Todd is overwhelmed with feelings of betrayal. Jessica, now a successful business woman, isn’t the woman he remembers falling in love with.

Lizzie is living the high life living with Bruce Patman, now a dot-com millionaire. She has it made, living in a lush mansion. Despite all of this, she can’t help but feel jealous of Jessica’s success in the business world. Lizzie was always high on Jessica’s priority list, but now feels she’s not as important to her sister as she was when they were younger. When a scandal rocks her relationship with Bruce, they are put to the test. Will their relationship survive?

The Sweet Life # 2: Lies and OmissionsLies and Ommissions

Picking up immediately after the last episode,  Jessica is now working hard to repair the damage done to her marriage to Todd. The cause of all of their arguments and frustrations was the demands of her job. Will quitting bring back the happiness the couple once experienced?

Lizzie will do whatever it takes to prove Bruce’s innocence, going as far as pretending to be a church counselor in order to get close to the accuser. The more she learns, though, the more she doubts Bruce. Is he capable of the act he’s accused of, or is he the real victim?

Meanwhile, the twin’s high school friend Lila joins the cast of True Housewives of Sweet Valley, the closest thing she’s had to a true calling. She was meant to be on camera, even if it means risking her relationship with Ken, now an NFL star. Apparently her on-camera honesty was a little too much for Ken, who has decided he’s had enough of Lila’s antics. A natural for drama, Lila ramps it up to a whole new level in an effort to get Ken back in her arms.

What will come of Jessica’s attempts to get back with Todd? Will Lizzie be able to prove Bruce’s innocence? Just how far will Lila go to get Ken back? You’ll have to stay tuned until the next episode of The Sweet Life, releasing July 26!

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