DMX recovering in hospital after ATV crash

TMZ reported last August that the Ruff Ryders rapper and actor was arrested after he was pulled over for topping 100 mph — in a 65 mph zone — and on a suspended license, nonetheless. While an ATV won’t break any speed records, it can still be a dangerous ride — as DMX is finding out after suffering a concussion this weekend.

Rapper DMX

TMZ is reporting multiplatinum rapper DMX is in the hospital with a concussion, after flipping his four-wheeler on Saturday.

Apparently, the 41-year-old lost control of the all-terrain vehicle while riding down a hill outside his South Carolina home.

The Ruff Ryders star crashed and rolled the four-wheeler more than once, eventually landing on his backside.

DMX told TMZ he doesn’t remember much about the accident — other than the lights from the ambulance.

And it’s no wonder he doesn’t remember much, considering the rapper, born “Earl Simmons,” sustained a concussion and has no idea how long he’ll be in the hospital.

He appears to be in good spirits, though, posting a photo of himself in the hospital on his Twitter page with the words “IM GOOD!” next to it.

Regardless of whether the vehicle is an ATV or a car, DMX has no business being behind any wheels.

Back in August, TMZ reported that the Baltimore native was arrested in Arizona after being pulled over for reportedly going 102 mph in a 65-mph zone. He was allegedly driving on a suspended license.

These troubles are nothing new for the rapper. Last summer, TMZ reported that DMX had been busted 10 times in Maricopa County alone.

And while the artist is set to release his latest album, Undisputed, this August, it’s drama like this — arrests for everything from drug possession and theft to animal cruelty and driving while under the influence — that overshadow any accomplishments DMX has on the stage or in the recording booth.

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