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Breaking Bad cast shares details of last season

The cast makes an appearance at Comic-Con and says that the show will end up in Germany this season.

Breaking BadBreaking Bad made an appearance at Comic-Con last night, and made quite an entrance. Stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul suited up in hazmat suits and gas masks for the long-awaited panel.

“I think it’s awesome,” Paul said to the LA Times. “This is where our fans are. Sure, it’s nice to have a posh Hollywood premiere, but this is incredible.”

Show creator Vince Gilligan also showed up, and gave some hints on the new, and final, season of the AMC show.

“You’re going to read more subtitles in German than Spanish this season,” Gilligan said. Last season the show traveled to Mexico, and according to Gilligan, this season will travel to Germany.

“This season will take them to the German home of a multinational corporation that funded the drug empire of Walter’s now-deceased rival, Gus Fring,” said the LA Times.

“Whether it’s an evil empire or just certain executives remains to be seen,” said Gilligan.

The show’s stars don’t always know what twists and turns the plot will take, but they enjoy working with the mind of Gilligan.

“None of us on this panel know what’s in this man’s [Gilligan’s] head,” said Cranston, according to the LA Times. “We don’t ask and he doesn’t tell us. And we like it that way.”

The final season will undoubtedly offer many more of those twists and turns, and leave fans wanting more. But for the few fans lucky enough to have attended the Comic-Con panel on Friday, they have already seen the first episode of the season.

The season premiere of Breaking Bad will air on AMC this Sunday night, July 15, followed by the next seven. The last eight episodes of the season will air next season.

Cranston said the series finale has not yet been shot, so none of the stars know exactly how the series will end.

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