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Giuliana & Bill Rancic to get on the bus with baby

Bill and Giuliana Rancic are about to have a baby boy. After that, the plan gets a little fuzzy — but we do know for sure there will be a bus!

Bill and Giuliana Rancic

With time quickly ticking down the days until Bill and Giuliana Rancic‘s baby arrives, the pair are scurrying to prepare. First there’s the home to get ready — and secondly there’s the family bus!

“We’re kind of in rush mode!” 41-year-old entrepreneur Bill Rancic told Us Weekly of the couple’s last-minute pre-parenthood mind-set.

He went on to elaborate, “We found a great house. It’s in the final stages of construction, so I’m there every day getting that finished. So we hope to be moving in in the next three weeks. We have everything (for the nursery) but it’s just kind of sitting there waiting to be put in. The nursery’s ready to go!”

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The home, however, is only one piece of the baby preparedness puzzle.

The family plans to spend their first months as a trio living away from home. Bill Rancic continued, “The baby won’t be born in L.A., he’ll be born in Colorado. So we’re going to go from Colorado to Chicago and then spend September and October in Chicago. And then we’ll come back to the West Coast.”

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Just how will Giuliana Rancic, Bill and baby boy get across the country? You know it — bus!

“I’ve got a tour bus taking us from Denver to Chicago,” the dad-to-be said without offering an explanation as to why speedy airplane travel was crossed off the list.

“Everyone is pumped!” he added about the arrival of their son. “Not just our family but so many people. We’re so lucky. So many people have been pulling for us and following our journey. This has all been magical for us.”

Are Bill and Giuliana Rancic crazy or brilliant for planning a bus trip with baby?

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