Courtney Love’s assistant sues over most obvious beef ever

Come on down to court, Courtney Love! Your ex-assistant is suing you for, well, being you. One has to wonder what else the poor girl would have expected?

Courtney Love

Courtney Love’s assistant obviously didn’t read between the lines of her job description.

Sure, a “normal” assistant might assume she’d be paid to perform “regular” duties — but when you sign on to be a gofer for one of rock’s baddest females, expectations ought to go right out the window!

Jessica Labrie, Courtney Love‘s now former assistant, is taking the singer to court over unpaid wages. She also claims her former employer made unethical requests.

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What kind of “unethical” the dirty gossip hound in you asks? Oh, Courtney Love just allegedly instructed her assistant to hire a hacker and falsify legal letters!

On Tuesday, July 10,  Jessica Labrie filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles for wrongful termination, wage and breach of contract. Chief complaints during her near-quite year of employment from 2010 to 2011 include: unpaid wages, expenses for business trips, 60-hour workweeks, headaches, insomnia, and other medical conditions as a result of her 48-year-old employer’s conduct.

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Though Courtney Love has yet to comment on the case, the lawyer who filed the suit claims the singer wanted a hacker to change records to businesses she owned or believed she owned, according to The Washington Post.

One thing’s for sure, Courtney Love’s ex-assistant wants revenge in any form she can get it. Not only is Jessica Labrie suing, she’s shopping a tell-all book titled, Get Me a Xanax, to any publishing house that’s interested!

Do you think Courtney Love’s assistant is right to sue or should she have expected such treatment?

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