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Savannah Guthrie & Today make the news headline news

The Today Show has blurred the lines between reporting the news and being the news for weeks now. With Savannah Guthrie’s smiling co-anchor debut now logged, is it time to get on with the show once and for all?

The Today Show-loving public may love their morning news, but a shake-up of who’s sitting where seems to be what really gets their motors running! After Ann Curry and Savannah Guthrie have both become hot news topics in recent weeks, we have to wonder if Good Morning America might try for their own replacement-induced ratings publicity boost?

Officially welcoming Savannah Guthrie to the seat on his right side, longtime The Today Show anchor Matt Lauer said, “It truly is a new day around here… I’m pleased to be sharing this new day with Savannah Guthrie, who after several years of playing a great role on this program, takes a step forward this morning and joins us as co-anchor of Today.”

A nervous-but-thrilled looking Guthrie responded politely, “It’s an honor to be here.”

Though neither of The Today Show hosts mentioned ousted Ann Curry, Matt Lauer had this bit of praise for his new partner in reporting: “You bring a great attitude and what we like to call a weird sense of humor to this program, so we’re all very happy to have you.”

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Also a bit weird? The amount of press the morning news show has received since rumors Ann Curry might lose her position began in June, causing the news itself to become headline news — a point not lost on the freshly unemployed.

“I know I am not to blame for the ratings worries,” Ann Curry told USA Today June 26, two days prior to her emotional exit. “And my bosses have said to me there are many factors involved. There is no doubt that the rating wars have become meaner and less focused on our responsibilities as journalists.”

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