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Meg Cabot talks Size 12 and Ready to Rock

Meg Cabot sits down with SheKnows to talk about her eagerly anticipated novel, Size 12 and Ready to Rock (July 10), the latest in her bestselling Heather Wells mystery series.

Meg CabotSheKnows: You’re active on Twitter (@MegCabot). Tweet us about your novel, Size 12 and Ready to Rock (in 140 characters or fewer, of course!)

Meg Cabot: Former teen pop sensation Heather Wells now solves crimes in the NYC college dorm where she works, with the help of sexy PI fiance, Cooper!

SheKnows: You’ve said that many of your ideas come from your diaries you kept in high school. With all the writing you do professionally, do you still write in a diary?

Meg Cabot: I absolutely do! I keep a handwritten journal, in which I write about everything that’s too private to share on my blog or Facebook or Twitter — which trust me, turns out to be a lot of stuff. Better to write it in your journal than to act on it. You still get the satisfaction without all the drama, or, as can often be the case in our litigious society, the lawsuits.

SheKnows: It’s probably like picking a favorite child, but do you prefer to write adult or YA books? Size 12 and Ready to Rock

Meg Cabot: Well, even though I don’t have kids of my own, my husband and I both grew up in large families, so we know that parents do play favorites occasionally. Some days I feel like playing grown up and getting my sexy on, and other days I feel like going to prom. I’m very fortunate that I get to do both!

SheKnows: What books are in your beach bag this summer?

Meg Cabot: I love reading about people who are in mortal peril while I’m relaxing by a pool, so I’m looking forward to diving into a lot of thrillers and mysteries, like Emily Arsenault’s new book about a murdered author (ha), Miss Me When I’m Gone, Laura Lippman’s Another Thing to Fall (now out in paperback),  Lori Roy’s Edgar award-winning Bent Road, and of course anything else I can find that has a corpse and hopefully some kissing in it.

SheKnows: Describe your writing space — what are five things that will give us some insight about you?

Meg Cabot: I’m ashamed to admit this because if taken the wrong way, the five things could be construed as having to do with something entirely different, but they include:

  • A cat
  • A bed
  • Butterscotch chips or cheese popcorn (depending on the day)
  • A pair of headphones and loud music
  • No windows (to avoid distraction)
  • Stretch pants

SheKnows: What are you doing for fun this summer that has nothing to do with writing?

Meg Cabot: At the end of my Size 12 and Ready to Rock book tour, I’m going to visit my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. My husband is a great cook and has been asked to help prepare a family meal at the home of a woman whose kids I used to babysit, feminist author Susan Gubar. She’s an ovarian cancer survivor, and her new book, Memoir of a Debulked Woman will probably be the only non-mystery I’m going to read this summer… but I also already know how it ends! 😉

To find out more about Meg Cabot, visit her website.

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