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Thomas Ian Nicholas: American Reunion was “so natural

July 10 holds a special day in actor Thomas Ian Nicholas’ heart — his revisit to the American Pie franchise, American Reunion, is out on DVD. Oh, and it’s his 32nd birthday, too. SheKnows caught up with Nicholas to talk about the film — and whether or not the cast will come back for more Pie.

American Reunion on DVD

It’s been 13 years since the gang from American Pie turned baked goods into sex toys. The film — edgy for 1999 — is almost tame compared to the stuff we see daily on reality shows. Thomas Ian Nicholas — who played Kevin in the series — admitted they were quite aware of that when it came time to create American Reunion, now available on DVD and BluRay.

“We had the shock value in the first film with Jim and the pie scene,” Nicholas told SheKnows when we caught up with him last week. “It’s easier to shock people than to get them to care about the characters. But, we knew we had to go ‘there’ this time — Jason (Biggs, who plays Jim) had to show his penis.”

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Thomas Ian Nicholas talks American Reunion

Nudity aside, Nicholas said it was a no-brainer to get back together with the cast for another film — as long as the script was quality.

“I’d heard rumors about it for a few years,” he told us. “Adam (Herz, American Reunion screenwriter) talked to me about it and I was like ‘hey, I’d be happy to be a part of this if it happens.’ Luckily, they made it abundantly clear that they wanted to go back to what made American Pie special. We didn’t want to make a movie that sucks.”

Nicholas has a full slate of projects going on this summer, aside from American Reunion. He’s about to start filming Ten Cent Pistol with Jena Malone and Joe Mantegna — a mob-type film where he plays Mantegna’s son (not a bad gig!).

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“I’m the entitled son that ends up getting involved in my dad’s illegal job,” he revealed. “I end up getting kidnapped in the middle of a busy club with cops nearby — Jena Malone plays the sexy decoy.”

He’s also in a band — aptly named TNB.

“I’ve been playing music for about 15 years,” he said. “I’ve recorded albums and have a song on the American Reunion soundtrack, which was actually difficult to get a chance to do. Right now I can’t pay the bills with music, but if Atlantic Records came to my door with a record deal, well, I wouldn’t say no.”

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He’s currently trying to raise money for a full-scale U.K. tour on Kickstarter — it’s about a third of the way to the goal with 11 days to go

Still, he isn’t quite ready to leave his American Pie days behind. Would he ever make another film?

“Again, I’m hearing rumblings of another film,” he said. “If that does end up happening, why wouldn’t I go back?”

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