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Reality TV and true love

These days, meeting the love of your life has become more complex and complicated than ever, especially when it comes to reality TV. So we decided to go straight to the “realistic” sources and see if love really has anything to do with it.

On Air Love

Is it real & will it last?

These days, meeting the love of your life has become more complex and complicated than ever, especially when it comes to reality TV. So we decided to go straight to the “realistic” sources and see if love really has anything to do with it.

With all the ways of finding love these days, we weren’t completely surprised by the plethora of new dating shows that have been popping up all over our televisions. And so we decided to check a few out (for research!), think some deep thoughts about them and then rate them based on how likely they really are at finding lasting love. See if you agree!

The ChoicePremise: THE CHOICE, hosted by Cat Deeley takes single celebrities and gives them the chance to compete for a romantic date with one special lady. Similar to the Dating Show, where you can’t see who you’re choosing, it’s showing that sometimes there’s more to a person than meets the eye.

Our deep thoughts: First, let’s just address the obvious elephant in the room…. RIPOFF! Not only did they steal the turning chairs and the whole not being able to see who’s on stage, but they even chose a name that rhymed with the show they were copying, The Voice! We wonder whose feathers got ruffled over that one in Hollywood.

So going into this show, we were more than just a little skeptical. But then we saw some pretty hot (famous) bachelors, a gorgeous Cat Deeley, and then, of course, there’s just something about those spinning chairs… and suddenly we found ourselves unbelievably fascinated. Even though the single ladies seemed to be given the same dress only in different colors, and they all liked to dip down stripper style, whenever the camera went back to the bachelors, all seemed right again.

Grade: C-, only because we were definitely entertained, but a minus because the “reality” of their date (Which you only see a minute of in the next week’s episode. Not OK!) turning into a love or even a relationship is quite unlikely. Next!

Photo credit: Dan Jackman/

Love in the WildPremise: Hosted by Jenny McCarthy, the series takes the single men and women and sets them in an adventourous scene. While attempting to make a love connection, these couples are most definitely pushed to their limits, and true colors shine.

Our deep thoughts: Mildly entertaining, definitely like a lot of other reality shows, but most certainly not one we’ll likely watch next season.

Grade: D, not at all likely to find lasting love. Next!

Photo credit: Trae Patton/NBC

Take Me Out

Take Me OutThe premise: George Lopez hosts Take Me Out, where 30 single women get to pick from several different bachelors who put themselves out there one by one. With each woman standing at a podium, they get to pick and choose simply by leaving on or turning off their lights.

Our deep thoughts: Pass the cheese please! Never before have we seen something so… well, let’s be nice, shall we? Not at all digging The Hunger Games entrance (tube coming down with men coming out, yawn! seen it before.). And we’ve seen all the contestants’ dresses and moves before on THE CHOICE, yawn, again. And the one liners those girls have? Who even says that stuff? Not to mention the corny dances with heart hands (choreographed songs? what the?) and tag lines they like to yell every few minutes. It was almost torture to finish the entire show.

Grade: F. Enough said about that. Next!

Photo credit: PNP/

The Bachelorette:The Premise: Emily Maynard, who previously found (and lost) love on an earlier season of the Bachelor is ready to try again. This time being the one in charge, and oh is she ever. As a single mom she now has her pick of 25 hot men to choose from. And it won’t be an easy choice. (if you watched, you understand!)

Our deep thoughts: While we wanted with every fiber of our being to NOT get sucked into this season, all it took was one episode. With the sweet yet refreshingly blunt nature of the bachelorette Emily and the dreamy and slightly odd men vying for her love, it’s truly the perfect but unrealistic blend we look for in our reality TV choices.

Grade: B-, While most of the relationships coming from this show don’t last (imagine that!), the fact that Emily has a daughter whose heart is at risk, we hope and pray that Emily and Jef can last ’til death do they part.

Photo credit: Josiah True/

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So what do you guys think? Are you watching? Do you have deep thoughts and grades of your own?

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