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Kris Jenner already has her claws in Penelope Scotland Disick

Who in the world came up with the name Penelope Scotland Disick? Surprise, surprise: Grandmother dearest Kris Jenner had something to do with it.

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Kris Jenner apparently has to be involved in every decision regarding her children — and now, her grandchildren. The momager responsible for creating the Kardashian empire came up with the middle name for daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s new baby girl with boyfriend Scott Disick.

Penelope Scotland Disick was born early Sunday morning in Los Angeles, the family confirmed to — who else? — E! News.

“Scott and I are overjoyed to welcome our precious angel Penelope Scotland Disick into our lives. We are forever blessed. Mommy and baby are resting comfortably,” Kourtney said in a statement.

“It was a great. She had an easy delivery,” Jenner added, revealing that she was the one that came up with Scotland for the middle name. “[Penelope] is so cute. She looks just like Mason. She’s so beautiful. We are so happy.”

As for Penelope? It turns out Kourtney and Scott were actually allowed to come up with that name on their own — they thought it was cute, according to E!

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That doesn’t mean Kourtney lets her mom dictate her parenting decisions. The mom of two is all about raising healthy babies — she even made baby Mason’s food, and we assume she’ll do the same for Penelope Scotland.

“I steam and puree fruits and vegetables, and they last for like four days,” she told in 2011. “Mason pretty much loves everything. I gave him red beets, and it got all over his face, which made the funniest picture. He also loves sweet potatoes, carrots, and yams. Sometimes I mix pureed peaches, pears, bananas, or apples with plain yogurt or an all-natural organic jelly. I have this great book called Super Baby Food that’s full of ideas.”

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Still, she admits to making mistakes — like all good moms.

“I am doing the best that I can, and I feel really confident in that. Unless someone has walked in your shoes, you really can’t judge,” Kourtney added to “Everyone needs to make the best choice for their life. He’s such a happy baby, and I really think sleeping together has something to do with that.”

Well, just as long as mom Kris doesn’t take over parenting, we’re good with it.

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