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Does Eva Longoria have a new man?

Eva Longoria has been spotted around New York City with high-profile NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez. But what has she been wearing to throw onlookers off?

The Buzz – Couples Alert: Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez Dating?!
Even though it hasn’t been long since Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz split, Longoria isn’t wasting anytime in her love life. She’s been spotted hanging out with New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Lately, it has been tough being Tony Parker. The San Antonio Spurs point guard filed a lawsuit against a New York club after injuring his eye following a melee between Chris Brown and Drake’s entourages. And now Parker’s gorgeous ex, Eva Longoria, is being spotted around multiple New York hot spots and reportedly is “testing the waters” with a new athlete squeeze.

When it rains, it pours.

But things are going very well for Longoria, who the New York Daily News says has been dating N.Y. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. These engagements are occurring after Longoria reportedly split with Spanish singer Eduardo Cruz.

The paper says that they were “spotted shopping together at a supermarket in Bedminster, New Jersey” where the all-star footballer “owns a home in [the] area.”

The couple also has been spotted having drinks at New York’s Hotel Griffou. Onlookers might not have recognized Longoria, though, because according to InTouch magazine, she has been sporting a blonde wig.

Longoria’s social life has been aflutter after ending her primetime soap opera Desperate Housewives, which went off the air on May 13, 2012. One might assume that Longoria would steer clear of professional athletes after her multi-year marriage with Parker went south. Apparently not.

Now we’re left to wonder why Sanchez would invite more public scrutiny. NFL fans know he’s already locked in a heated competition for the starting QB slot with uber-popular Tim Tebow. And Sanchez takes heat from Jets fans for not focusing 100% of his attentions on football. Do you think courting a celebrity girlfriend is going to make Jets fans rest easy?

Then again, the heart wants what the heart wants. What do you think? Do they make for a cute couple?

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