Alec Baldwin gets married, resumes blasting paparazzi

Alec Baldwin is blissfully happy that he got yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas to the altar, but that doesn’t make up for his intense hatred of the media. Check out what he tweeted after his weekend.

Alec Baldwin quits twitterAlec Baldwin was the picture of happiness on Saturday when he wed his 27-year-old yoga instructor girlfriend, Hilaria Thomas, in front of celebrity guests like Woody Allen and Tina Fey at New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

However, that happiness was short lived. The actor tweeted a photo of his small wedding band on Sunday night — along with a sweet poem about love — before resuming his anti-paparazzi posts on Sunday.

“If US magazine folded on Monday, would you care? Really?#tabloidmagazinesshouldberegulated,” he tweeted, adding “Great papers like the [New Orleans] Times Picayune struggle, while tabloid trash bloggers (Levin, Hilton) carry on. #USneedsstrongerlibellaws.”

“I want paparazzi to be regulated. There’s a difference. Do you know the difference,” he replied to a follower. “People are entitled to unfettered access to/ info about public officials. But not public figures. Do you know the difference?”

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And now we know why: The 30 Rock star, his new bride and daughter Ireland Baldwin were followed by photographers and reporters as they walked around Manhattan.

“You can walk away now,” Baldwin spat at a New York Daily News reporter asking about their wedding. “You can walk away.”

Baldwin is known for his numerous run-ins with the press — including several in the past couple of months. It must have been the final straw for Baldwin.

“It’s been fun,” he tweeted on Monday before deactivating his account. It was back up by Monday afternoon, but now it’s dedicated to his arts foundation instead of personal musings. Still, he’s not above getting personal — as long as he’s in control. The newlywed couple did an interview for The New York Times about their evolution to marriage.

“I was standing near the door with my friends when he walked up and took my hand and said, ‘I must know you,'” Thomas said of meeting Baldwin for the first time.

“You must know me?'” she said she replied. They chatted for a while “and then he gave me his card.”

The rest, of course, is history.

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