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The man in the thong: A real Magic Mike

Ladies, meet exotic dancer Taylor Cole, whose lusty image you may recognize from the covers of numerous romance novels. After drooling over the film Magic Mike, SheKnows gets hot and bothered chatting with Taylor about what the filmmakers got right (and wrong).

Real stripper Taylor Cole in hat

When he’s not modeling or running his own construction company (sound familiar?) this studly, stalagmite-of-a-man is shredding the stage and shedding his clothing for screaming women around the world. So what does Taylor Cole think about Hollywood’s attempt to put his profession on the big screen?

Channing Tatum is very open about his past as a male stripper, which is a good thing according to Taylor Cole who says the movie Magic Mike got most things right.

“It’s pretty accurate,” says Cole, who even recognized a friend he used to dance with in the movie. “When people think of male strippers most people think of Chippendales or what women do on stage. But the film gets it right, especially the stuff backstage. Male dancers love to play jokes on the rookies. That stuff with trying to get Adam (Alex Pettyfer) to rub lotion on the guy’s leg, that all happens.” Good to know these hunky hellcats don’t shed their sense of humor with their clothing.

One aspect of the job the movie didn’t touch on is dealing with the regulars — customers who visit the club frequently to see their favorite dancer. Cole claims some women come in two to three nights a week, but surprisingly he says sex isn’t always what they’re after. “Women just want someone to talk to. Dancers are like therapists or bartenders. They’ll pay for a table dance then say, ‘hey, sit down and talk to me a while.’ They just want to hear about my life and what’s going on with me.”

So what does he tell them? Cole confesses he’s pretty open about his own life and that honesty is the best policy — except in one area. “You can’t tell a customer you’re in a relationship. They all want to feel like they have some chance with you,” he says. But do customers ever really have a chance with a dirty dancer? Cole says he’s definitely dated women he’s met while working and even found some longterm girlfriends. But he admits, “Being a dancer is hard on a relationship. Especially on Saturday night when your girlfriend wants to spend time with you, but you have to go to work. It can be rough.” 

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

Mega-hottie Channing Tatum recently told that stripping has a dark side, saying, “I don’t think we even scratch the surface of really how dark that place can get and how slippery of a slope it can actually be.”

Taylor Cole agrees. “There’s going to be drugs in any field of entertainment and some guys get caught up in the lifestyle. About 10 years ago, you definitely saw things like GBH or ecstasy, but these days it’s not so bad. I’m really just a normal guy with a really fun job.”

Taylor Cole in a towel

A hot dude gyrating in a g-string is fun to watch, but what about watching horny, drooling women shove dollar bills at your sensitive parts? I asked Cole if the craziness ever gets to him. “It’s definitely jaded some of my friends. Especially when the bachelorettes come in and try to give you their hotel key the night before their wedding. It crosses the line.” So ladies, don’t expect to get one last “fling before the ring” from this chivalrous chaperone.

But overall, Cole agrees many good things have come from his career as an exotic dancer. He’s been paid to travel all over the world and formed some strong bonds with his fellow dancers. “A lot of these dancers get a bad rap, people think they sleep around or do drugs. But really, they’re just regular guys. Good guys. We have a lot of fun.”

If you want to check out Taylor Cole’s “MAN-tertainment” for yourself, he’ll be appearing at Ellora’s Cave Romanticon in Ohio, Oct. 11-14th or at his regular gig at La Bare in Houston, Texas.

Magic Mike photo courtesy of Warner Brothers
Taylor Cole photos courtesy of Ellora’s Cave

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